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Commercial Laundry

We expertly handle your business laundry with free pickup and delivery

With our industrial quality equipment, we ensure to supply pristine quality products tailored to your business needs.

Does your business need commercial laundry service?

We understand it is too costly to handle your business laundry. Why don’t you leave your laundry to us instead? We can handle various types of commercial laundry.

Our fully trained professionals can handle commercial laundry like towel laundry, hotel laundry, uniforms or workwear, Airbnb laundry, and medical laundry. Besides, Saoperstars offers free pickup and delivery to cater to your business laundry needs fully.

Are our services customizable?

Our comprehensive laundry service covers the unique needs of different businesses, especially the health care sector. You will receive properly disinfected laundry, which will be carefully audited before delivering to you.

How to get started with us?

Start with scheduling a pickup with us. We carry out precautions and standards throughout every step, from picking to delivering the best service to you.

1. Schedule

An alarm clock

Through our website, choose a pickup and dropoff date and time window that works best for you.

2. Pickup

Soaperstars van

Gather around all your laundry to be picked up right on time. Relax at ease while we take good care of your bundle

3. Enjoy

Folded laundry

Do your favorite things at your favorite places. Be delighted by the sight & smell when your fresh-as-new laundry arrives on schedule.

Products we cover

Table Linen
Medical Sheets
Staff Uniform

Do you have any questions related to your business laundry requirements? Give us a call for a detailed answer from our representative at (213) 347-4729

Industries we work for

Our laundry service had identified to handle the laundry of following business needs:


We pick up your stained sheets and dirty linens to deliver clean and folded bed sheets, linens, towels, and tablecloths.


We can skillfully handle your personnel uniforms, table linen, and other clothing to support your fine dining, catering, and cafe business.


We offer incredibly convenient rates for delivering clean workwear to your business.


Health care centers, hospitals, and clinics need extra care for laundry. As a result, we offer a highly personalized commercial laundry service to deliver clean and disinfected linens and uniforms.

Nursing Homes

We provide the finest work clothes, linens, clean and folded patient clothes to help you manage a quality service in nursing homes.


Need your towels and capes cleaned? We will take care of all your salon laundry needs quickly and efficiently.

All Set?

Easy schedule, at your doorsteps