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Who We Are

We exist to make your clothes clean and neat, while you free up time to do the things that give you meaning.

What We Aim At

Our Mission

What we strive for is to make affordable, high-quality laundry service available to all. Whether you are a college student, a working professional, or a homemaker, getting your clothes cleaned in an excellent, efficient, and eco-friendly way should be just a few clicks away. Soaperstars is all about using the right products for laundering in caring ways - so that you actually look forward to the laundry experience rather than dread it. After all, receiving a fresh batch of well-done laundry is such a pleasant sight to smell and see.

How It All Started

Our Story

Some of us find it almost therapeutic to do the laundry, but those folks certainly don’t make the majority. For most of us, it’s such a chore. And not all of us can afford the high prices of quality laundry services either. Growing up as a child was so convenient, wasn’t it? You’d throw your dirt soiled clothes off without a second thought, and your mom would take care of it. Now, you’ve to take up responsibility like an adult, and chuck that seemingly ever-growing mountain of dirty laundry in the washing machine every week (or month, for the lethargic lazybones).

Soaperstars is a family owned business operated by professionals who have been in the customer service industry for more than 25 years. If you ask us what sets us apart from other laundry services, we can sum it up in one word - care. For us, you are not just another pile of laundry, you are a cherished customer. At Soaperstars, we believe in treating those who entrust us with their personal belongings like a friend, not an order number. Because we know how delightful it is to have your laundry cleaned spotlessly, folded immaculately, and delivered directly to your doorstep. That is why we do everything to ensure that you have a great experience, every time. Because spreading smiles is Soaperstars’ core value, after all

Who We Are

Our Values

At Soaperstars, we have a set of beliefs at our core that guides everything we do. Delivering a service to remember and putting a warm smile on our customer’s face is what we live for.

Customer First

We are a family operated shop that cares about every single customer. Our service is only as good as how happy we can make you


Apart from providing quality service, we believe in spending quality time. What brings us joy is that we let you have more free time to do the things that matter the most, with the people that matter the most.


With just a few clicks, you have one less thing to worry about. We strive to give a great laundry service with minimal time and effort from your end, so you want to keep coming back.

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