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We will pick up, clean, and deliver all your laundry and dry cleaning. You will have more time to do what you really want.

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From the moment you open your door and give us your precious clothes, we take good care of them every step of the way. From your house to our laundromat and back, your dresses and everyday wear get the true Soaperstars treatment. Quality? Check. Care? Check. Thoroughness? Check. Satisfaction? Complete.


Through our website, pick a time that works best for you. We will come knocking at your door (or any other accessible place of your choosing) at the scheduled time window. Hand over your bundle and wave goodbye. Your laundry is in good hands.


Topwear, bottomwear, comforters, pillows or bath rugs, we wash freshness into a large range of clothes and cloths. You can go for a normal wash-n-fold with premium quality detergent, fabric softener, oxi cleaner and dryer sheets. You also have the option to choose hypoallergenic and natural products that are extra mindful of sensitive skin and the planet.

Dry Cleaning

A stain, a smudge or a horrifying spill - we’ve got you covered. We offer expert dry cleaning service with free pickup and delivery, so you never have to dread wearing your favorite clothes because of a stain.


Once your fresh-as-new laundry is packed and ready, we will bring it back to your doorstep at a time of your convenience. Is getting your laundry done that simple? You bet!


While Soaperstars takes care of your laundry, you free up some exquisite time for leisure. And when your neat-n-clean, pristine-looking, fresh-smelling laundry finally arrives, you’ll be absolutely delighted!

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