Ironing Your Clothes

5 Super-Easy Tips & Tricks To Iron Your Clothes

Are you looking forward to having crisp and wrinkle-free clothes all the time? Do you find difficulty in ironing your clothes?

Well, you’ve to come to the right place if the above-mentioned questions are bothering you.

Ironing is definitely a boring chore to do!

BUT, your confidence instantaneously multiplies by 100 if your clothes are perfect. Plus, it’s important to keep your clothes well-ironed so that you can increase the life of each of your outfits.

Maintenance is the key. So, you should learn these easy, yet effective 5 tips & tricks that would revolutionize your wardrobe in no time!

So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

  1. Spray your clothes with water

It’s an age-old trick that works absolutely perfectly every time. Take a spray bottle and fill it with water. While ironing your clothes, ensure that you’re very gently spraying on your clothes!

It’s an effective tip to completely get rid of stubborn wrinkles from your clothes.

You don’t have to completely wet the clothes. Rather, a moderate spritz of water does the job flawlessly. Once the cloth is damp, carry on with ironing just as you normally do.

  1. Find the hidden spots on your clothes

Hidden spots on your clothes are acutely damaging if they go unnoticed. So, you need to find such spots and make sure to eliminate them first before your start ironing your clothes.

If you don’t find and eliminate these spots, then while ironing, you’ll be pushing these spots into the fabric.

Eventually, you’ll end up ruining your clothes. So, be very vigilant while you start ironing.

  1. Set the temperature of the iron

Modern-day irons are a bit technical to understand. Therefore, it’s beneficial to have a look at the bundled manual so that you’re good to go!

The temperature setting of the iron must be according to the required heat level of a particular cloth. So, make sure you’re following the instructions, given on the labels of your clothes.

It’s vital to set your iron perfectly so that your clothes remain intact!

  1. Make sure that your iron is clean

We don’t bother cleaning irons! Do we?

It’s a major mistake that everyone very often makes. Before ironing your clothes, the iron must be clean. There shouldn’t be any sort of dirt on the iron. Otherwise, the same dirt will get into your clothes.

So, you should make a habit of cleaning the base of your iron weekly, or at least monthly.

  1. Get an accurate iron board

Is your iron board extremely jerky? Well, if it is, then it’s time to change it ASAP!

Get a new, well-balanced, and stable iron board so that you can easily iron your clothes. If the iron board is jerky, you’ll not be able to iron the clothes completely. There will be a few places left that’ll require to be ironed and you’ll be fed up with doing it again and again!

So, invest in a new iron board and ENJOY!

The Bottom Line

Ironing your clothes is a tough task, especially when you’re super-busy. Nonetheless, things can get pretty easy if you follow the above-mentioned tips & tricks. But, when you don’t feel like doing it, call us, as we are ALWAYS available. We are your time-savers. We are Soaperstars 

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